Technology Careers

AITP Student chapter members seek to explore their full potential as IT professionals.
Many people think IT professionals are either code jockeys or gear heads but we are more... much, much more.
Consider these potential careers as an IT professional.

Application Developer
Application Support Analyst
Applications Engineer
Associate Developer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Information Officer
Computer and Information Systems Manager
Computer Systems Manager
Customer Support Administrator
Customer Support Specialist
Data Center Support Specialist
Data Quality Manager
Database Administrator
Desktop Support Manager
Desktop Support Specialist
Director of Technology
Front End Developer
Help Desk Specialist
Help Desk Technician
Information Technology Coordinator
Information Technology Director
Information Technology Manager
Information Technology Project Manager
IT Support Manager
IT Support Specialist
IT Systems Administrator
Java Developer
Junior Software Engineer
Management Information Systems Director
.NET Developer
Network Architect
Network Engineer
Network Systems Administrator
Programmer Analyst
Security Specialist
Senior Applications Engineer
Senior Database Administrator
Senior Network Architect
Senior Network Engineer
Senior Network System Administrator
Senior Programmer
Senior Programmer Analyst
Senior Security Specialist
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Support Specialist
Senior System Administrator
Senior System Analyst
Senior System Architect
Senior System Designer
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior Systems Software Engineer
Senior Web Administrator
Senior Web Developer
Software Architech
Software Engineer
Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst
System Architect
Systems Designer
Systems Software Engineer
Technical Operations Officer
Technical Support Engineer
Technical Support Specialist
Technical Specialist
Telecommunications Specialist
Web Administrator
Web Developer